Jeremy Z Yang

Assistant Professor of
Business Administration
in the Marketing Unit
at Harvard Business School


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I’m teaching Marketing in the MBA required curriculum at HBS.

I was a guest lecturer for:

Marketing Analytics (Master of Business Analytics), BU
Zhengrong Gu, Fall 2023

Future of Commerce & Leadership Program, Harvard
Troy Beeler and Dan O’Connor, Summer 2023

Maker Space (PhD), MIT
Juanjuan Zhang, Spring 2023

Marketing Analytics (Master of Business Analytics), BU
Tesary Lin, Spring 2022

Marketing Innovation (MBA), MIT
Rahul Bhui, Spring 2021

Analytics Lab (Master of Business Analytics), MIT
Sinan Aral and Abdullah Almaatouq, Fall 2020

Marketing Innovation (MBA), MIT
Juanjuan Zhang, Fall 2020

I also worked as a TA for:

Experimental Design and Analysis (PhD), MIT
Dean Eckles, Fall 2019

Analytics Lab (Master of Business Analytics), MIT
Erik Brynjolfsson and Abdullah Almaatouq, Summer and Fall 2019

Data, Model and Decision (MBA), MIT
David Gamarnik, Summer 2018, 2019

Marketing Strategy (MBA), MIT
Birger Wernerfelt, Fall 2018

Singularity (MBA), MIT
John Little, Fall 2018

Macroeconomic Policy (MBA), MIT
Roberto Rigobon, Summer 2018

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBA), MIT
Catherine Tucker and Pierre Azoulay, Summer 2018

Digital Marketing (MBA), MIT
Sinan Aral, Fall 2017